Monday, June 16, 2014


SBR had a birthday.   My Reid Truman, No.1, RTR, Reider, Reider Pumpkin Eater… My 1st born turned 4. 

On his birthday I tend to constantly look at the clock and try to remember exactly what was happening at the very moment in time, during his birth.  Because I don't ever want to forget the day that changed me completely. 

<cliffs notes version>  
1:00a  water breaks,  
3:30a after a verbal beating from Dr. OB sis-in-law for not already being at the hospital after the 1a events, we head to the hospital.  
5:30a they confirm that was my water that broke, but that I was not in labor, so they induced me.  
9:30a, meet Dr. O'Connell. He and I became fast friends, he was the ansthesiologist.  I sleep.  
12:30p, epidural wore off.  My new BFF fixes it, I sleep.  
3:00p my Dr. who was supposed to leave for the beach in San Diego at 2p  was there, she's still confident I'm going to 'deliver this baby by early evening.'  
5:00p Dr. heads to vacation. (I know this would upset some people, but really, I paid her for the 8 mos of prenatal care.  It did not matter to me she was leaving.)  
6:00p my 3rd epi (no auto-correct I did not mean epic, thank you) wears off.  I need to push,  ooooh… right, there are these 2 little bones that stick out in the middle of my hips. It's called an isheal pelvis.  This prevents 'larger than normal' babies from getting through.  
7:30p I give in, I gave up.  I could not do it anymore.  The birthing staff agreed.  
sssso where do you suppose I can find my BFF? How could he leave ME NOW??  FIRED.  
(Apparently this kid's mom was one of those "eh, I think I'm in labor" arriving to be "checked out" to find she is having this baby right now!  So my BFF had to put me on the back burner.)  
No fear, Dr. O'Connell and I made up, he did have a decent excuse and more drugs.  and he's such a nice guy. 

After all that trauma, at 10:45p, they took me to surgery and I had SBR by 10:50p.  
IT'S A BOY!!  
Crazy, I thought for sure he was a girl.  
10 lbs, 3 oz.  20-something inches long, shock of black hair, simple.  fat.  perfection. 

As I sit and think about my crazy, amazing, incredible, beautiful little boy… I'm in awe.   He has single handedly given me a purpose.  To be his Mawm.  He makes us see the world in a much more literal view.  He's very smart (no, I'm not just biased, it's also true) and timid and genuine and sassy and attitudey and sensitive and innocent and not so innocent.  He's a great big brother and a horrible influence to his little brother.  

He's so so sweet.  I love him.  He's a keeper.  my No. 1. 

First Days

First Birthday

Happy 4th birthday to SBR!  This year has great things ahead of you, I cannot wait to see you grow!  just please stop growing…    

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh, Hey, Hi There!

When people are asked.. How are you?  how are things going?  what's the haps?  the answer coming back is almost always...  Busy!  so so busy.  Busy running errands, busy busy!  it's just CraZy how busy it is!  

I've hated how society has made us become so busy.  Not busy meshes so much better with our lazy genes. 

Once the holidays and Life settled, mid-January rolled around, I all of a sudden got sucked into this amazing schedule of 4x10s, I have 3 days off in a row!  Why did I not do this sooner?  So then all of a sudden I wasn't "busy" anymore.  Sure I still have 'goals' for the weekend such as laundry, organize a closet, clean up the patio, create something-awesome-amazing-and-lovely.   be lazy.  and pictures.  I take lots and lots of pictures 

I took another photography class... actually the same workshop I took the first go 'round.  (it feels like in h.s. when I took Spanish I... twice).  I knew i didn't want to do this for a side job or career.  I just wanted to take pictures of beautiful, fun, random things, people and  situations.  I have a decent camera, that is anything but a point & shoot and I think I have finally learned the formula for taking natural light pictures.  So now I practice. 

It is in practicing I learned more than anything, I just want to have these amazing photos of everyday life around our home and in our lives. 

I think my collection is rather coming along... 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Guy Eli

I know what you are thinking... this poor 2nd child... you would hardly know he exists.  3 weeks late on the first birthday blog??  SBR never received such treatment!  And to talk to SBR, you would think that poor boy never gets any attention! 

So my baby turned one.  
SBR's first year sky-rocketed passed me.  He moved so fast, he talked too soon, he got teeth too soon, walked 3 weeks before his first birthday.  He became a little boy way too soon.  I am so sincerely blessed my little ET has been the opposite.  Cutting his first tooth just weeks ago, he took his first steps 3 weeks after his first birthday (a couple days ago, in fact) and has yet to utter any words other than Momma and Dada.  
I think the major difference between raising my two boys is that with SBR I was constantly looking for what he was going to be doing next, What to Expect.  I constantly read books to know what to look for.  And I regret I missed out on some of his now.  I didn't truly understand that it is just a very short time they are actual babies. 
I learned from that. 
With ET, I just eat him up.  I don't even know what babes his age should know or should be doing.  He doesn't exhibit any alarming delays, so who cares?  
What a true blessing and joy to be able to relish in this all-too-short time of a child's life for as long as possible.   Thank you my precious squishy baby. 

a year of firsts... in photo review... watch him grow...

 so tiny

First time his big brother held him!

that face... gaaah!

I know he looks frightened, but it was fine... really... 

This was one of the first times they 'played' together

ET is a paci baby.  It appears to be his 'security item.'  I can't handle that because someday (very soon) I will need to take that paci away.  SBR attached early (see the trend) to a very expensive, incredibly soft blankie he calls Leece.  In hopes ET will share the same affections we decided to gift him his very own blankie.  (Name TBD)  
To keep you warm, make you feel safe when we aren't there, catch your tears and always smell like what comforts you most.

brother peeking.. waiting for the first sign of assistance needed. 

got get it started... 

atta boy!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby I have ever met!  He's friendly to all, and loyal to those closest to him.  I have a feeling he's going to be my dare-devil.  Do now, think later.  Uninhibited curiosity, life is to be explored, lived and loved.  I only hope his relaxed, chill demeanor and vigor for life follows him throughout his life (with careful, cautious brother by his side to keep him in check.)  
I still just cannot believe he's mine!

My precious little Eli Tom-Tom, I love you more than you will ever know!